Blonde Toning Shampoos: What You Need to Know

Blonde Toning Shampoos: What You Need to Know - Simply Colour Hair Salon Studio & Online Store

Going blonde is one way to instantly change your entire look—even if you are naturally blonde yourself. While achieving the perfect blonde hair is well within your reach (at least if you visit me over at Simply Colour), that gorgeous blonde will change if you don’t care for it with toning shampoo. Toning shampoo is the best way to keep your hair looking beautiful, blonde, and free of orange and yellow hues. Let’s break down what you need to know.

What is a Blonde Toning Shampoo?

Blonde hair looks stunning on day one—but maintaining it can be a completely different story. Over time, blonde hair can oxidize. When this happens, it has a tendency to change colors on you. What starts as bright and vibrant blonde can change, leaving your hair look more yellow or brass colored. Blonde toning shampoo is a type of shampoo that deposits pigments—generally violet, blue, or lavender in color—to keep your hair looking amazing. It pushes back against the yellow and orange shades and allows you to keep your hair looking stylish and vibrant between hair appointments.

Toning Shampoos for Better, Blonder Hair

If you are looking to preserve your hair’s beautiful blonde color, you need the right support system for the job. At Simply Colour, I recommend that my clients always keep toning shampoos and conditioners on hand to ensure that your blonde stays the shade that you want it to be. Let’s explore a few of my favorites.

DIFIABA Charcolite Anti-Brass Toning

This unique take on traditional toning shampoo steps away from the standard “purple toning shampoo” approach and brings its own flair. Rather than traditional violet pigments, the Charcolite Anti-Brass Toning Shampoo uses graphite pigments to keep hair looking fresh and beautiful. Perfect for eliminating brassy, yellow hair, this treatment set is great for upkeep.

Oligo Violet Shampoo and Conditioner

Oligo is known for their incredible products that support hair health—and this duo is another shining example. Their Anti-Yellow Violet Shampoo is perfect for taking on those yellow tones. Made to refresh highlights and clean hair at the same time, this shampoo helps your blonde hair to look amazing after a few minutes of use.

The Violet Conditioner was made to be the perfect pair for their toning shampoo. With this duo, you receive the benefits of 11 amino acids, as well as the nourishing power of argan oil. Made to freshen, moisturize, and strengthen hair, this set is a maintenance must-have.

Oligo Blue Shampoo and Conditioner

Oligo’s Blue Shampoo and Blue Conditioner are another incredible duo offered by this salon giant. With their Blue Shampoo, you have all of the benefits of their violet line with a blue pigment twist—and a little more support too. This set was designed for those brunettes and dark blondes who are looking to push back on that tell-tale red and orange and fade with the added benefit of damage repair. Made to strengthen and moisturize hair while repairing surface damage, this set brings new life to blonde hair.

The Takeaway

It’s still up for debate whether blondes have more fun or not—but there has never been a better time to go blonde. With the right supportive products, you can keep your blonde hair looking absolutely stunning between salon visits. If you don’t maintain it while you’re away, trust me, you will hear about it from me during your next appointment!

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