Welcoming Oligo to Simply Colour

Welcoming Oligo to Simply Colour - Simply Colour Hair Salon Studio & Online Store

At Simply Colour, it is my goal to offer premium products and premium service. So, when I have the opportunity to add something new to the lineup for my clients, I’m always excited to explore brands to see what they offer. 


 Focused on providing only the best in hair care, I hand select my brands to ensure that I personally endorse everything in my shop—and this new arrival is something that I’m very excited about! Oligo is a brand with products for every need, and now, Florida residents have access to this incredible brand from up north.


What is Oligo?

Oligo is a Canadian haircare brand that is providing exceptional products that change lives through hair. Haircare experts Moty and Lilian Cohen first founded Oligo 35 years ago, but it didn’t start like any other haircare brand. For twenty years, Oligo operated primarily as a research and development laboratory for other brands. Using passion and science, they refined their formulas until they created the perfect products, so they decided to take their second-generation business and turn it into something even more special—a standalone brand. 


New brands enter haircare every day, and there are a lot of new brands that provide exceptional products—but Oligo has a fairly distinct advantage. With so much time spent making products and testing ingredients, Oligo’s teams know more about haircare research and development than most other brands do. They’ve been working at it for a very long time, and their attention to detail shines through in the quality of their products. Anyone who is looking to give their hair a much-needed boost will fall in love with their product lines. 


Why Am I So Excited to Share This Brand with You?

You don’t go into the haircare industry unless you really have a passion for it, and you know that I like to let my passion shine through every single day. One thing that I am really passionate about is high-quality products that treat hair instead of damaging it, and Oligo absolutely hits the mark. Their amazing products offer quite a few perks that I’m excited to share with you. 

Innovative Color Technology

Not all hair color is created equally, which is why Simply Colour only carries premium hair color brands. When a brand uses the wrong ingredients, it can really damage hair—and we’ve all seen that. A good hair color brand can offer beautiful and lasting colors without forcing you to contend with dry or damaged hair—as long as you take care of it after, of course.


With Oligo, your hair will receive only the best. You can feel it, and it shows. Their innovative hair color is designed using innovative exothermic technology that was formulated to penetrate deep all while minimizing damage. As if that isn’t enough, they also provide premium haircare products to use after your hair has been colored so you can keep your luscious locks looking gorgeous for weeks on end.

Environmental Friendliness

Like many other brands, Oligo is very focused on the environment and chooses business practices that support it. It’s no secret that we are all thinking a lot harder about what kind of impacts our choices have on the environment, and this is more important for companies because they tend to have a much larger impact. Recognizing this, Oligo has sculpted their brand around offering products that minimize their environmental impact.


First and foremost, Oligo is cruelty-free. They never test on animals and will never allow animal testing into their processes. Knowing that the beauty industry poses a threat to animals, they have decided to reject this business practice entirely. 


In addition to being cruelty-free, Oligo also shies away from dangerous chemicals. Their color lines are free of PPD and ammonia. In fact, their Oligo-Calura line is even vegan! Their products actually contain pure certified organic essences, demonstrating once again just how committed they are to quality. Hair that looks amazing and a brand you can feel good about? Yes, please!

Skin Safety

The funny thing about making decisions that support nature is that it also tends to support our health as well. Oligo’s products are made using premium ingredients that are health-focused and environmentally conscious. As a direct consequence of this, they are also safe for us too! Hairdressers absolutely love this. While some hair care products can cause irritation on the skin—especially when dye is involved—that is not the case with Oligo’s color or other hair care products. 


They are ideal for those who have sensitive skin and need to use only the best. Even if you’ve got that perfect skin that never seems to be phased by anything (and, yes, everyone is jealous of you), Oligo still provides better products with better ingredients that support skin and hair health.

Vibrant Colors

Remember when I mentioned that not all hair color is made equally? Well, with Oligo, you can count on receiving the best possible experience. Some hair color brands will fade quickly, damage your hair, or end up looking different than you might have expected, but Oligo really hits the mark. It doesn’t matter if you want caramel honey highlights, hair is easy to perfect with the right products! 


Their brand’s deep penetration formula means that your hair color will look positively stunning regardless of what kind of color you choose. This is a big win for people who love color in more vibrant shades or with more depth. Healthy, vibrant, and beautiful hair is what Oligo products are all about!

Premium Hair Support

Oligo’s dedicated commitment to research has allowed them to find the best possible ingredients for their products, and it really shows. Though most salon-grade products will offer more support than your average drugstore products, Oligo still stands apart. The quality of their products shows through in every line and product type. They make products that they are proud of, and trust me, your hair knows the difference!


What Hair Color Types am I Offering?

As you might expect, Oligo offers different product lines that are focused on meeting different hair needs. We all have different preferences when it comes to our hair, so having a brand that can accommodate these differences is really important. Fortunately, Oligo makes it easy for us by offering products that are as fun, permanent, and adaptable as you want them to be. The end result? Hair that you have been dying to have is now all yours to enjoy! Dimensional hair color never looked this good!


Oligo’s permanent hair color comes in different series that are aimed at different colors, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you want for the long term. These colors use that innovative exothermic technology to maximize dye penetration without causing extra damage, meaning you can retouch hair colors that you choose less and less—there just isn’t the same need. Focused on allowing every kind of color that you could possibly want, their permanent colors cover everything from iridescent gold to luxuriant copper. For natural hair that looks like you just walked out of the hair salon, Oligo has something for every need.


Beyond their more natural colors, Oligo also takes things a bit further with their intense red series, red-violet series, and violet series. Pairing this with their intensifier series, which is aimed at providing hair that looks bold and full of life, it is easy to see why people are positively obsessed with these colors! From highlights to bold colors, Oligo has you covered. Whether you know that you want dark brown dimensional hair color or you’re still exploring dimensional hair color ideas, this brand brings color to life.


Not everyone who wants to dye their hair is looking for a big commitment, and hair experts know that better than anyone. Sometimes, you find yourself in a period of change and transition—and permanent hair color can be a big mistake! If you’re in one of those phases where you want a fun change without necessarily committing to it for the long run, you can opt to embrace their semi-permanent options. This gives you the ability to change your hair when and when you want to. Blue hair one month, green the next? Go for it!


As beautiful as natural hair colors can be, sometimes you just want something a lot more fun—and Funkhue was made to serve this purpose. Their Funkhue line is filled with bold and vibrant colors that will allow you to turn up the dial on your personal style. Trust me, colors this fun have to come from the best brands for a good experience. Oligo is here for you.


Offering everything from yellow to steel to lime and bonbon, Oligo offers a long list of bold and iconic colors that you will find yourself obsessing over. One dye job with their bold blue or adding a fuchsia streak for a pop of color will make you a believer in Oligo for life. These colors are made to look great, last long, and fade well.


Oligo Calura and Oligo Blacklight Products You Will Love!

Oligo offers many different product lines, but their Calura and Blacklight (a line specifically made for blonde hair) lines are among their most popular. This is why I’m so glad to bring you access to a variety of different options to help you pamper your hair a little bit every single day. Their products really cover every need, and they are all made using high-quality ingredients that your hair will adore. 


Shampoo is a hair essential, but it is also a tricky business. Some shampoo can leave your hair dry and brittle, stripping away your essential oils. Fortunately, Oligo offers you a variety of shampoo options that can meet the needs of your hair and scalp.

  • Oligo Calura Moisture Balance Cleanser—Clean hair that is also healthy and full of moisture is a must, especially in dry areas. This product is perfect for replacing your current cleanser and will help support your new color!
  • Oligo Blacklight Dry Shampoo—Dry shampoo is an essential for those non-wash days, and Oligo’s dry shampoo is perfect for cleaning up your scalp if you have blonde hair.


Conditioner keeps hair soft and locks in our moisture, so a good one is pretty important. You can benefit from Oligo’s natural ingredients and support with the Oligo Calura Moisture Balance Conditioner. 

Styling Crème

As much as we wish that our hair would always listen to us, we know that really isn’t the case. Some hair styling products can turn your hair into a shield, but a good one will keep it looking luscious, soft, and styled. This is the purpose behind the Oligo Calura Styling Crème.

Perfecting Primer

This weightless mist provides a variety of benefits for your hair and is aimed at setting your hair up for styling. Just apply it to damp hair and then enjoy hair that is detangled, free of static, and full of good ingredients. With the Oligo Calura Perfecting Primer, you just can’t go wrong.

Curl Balm

Curly hair is more work than anyone without it can possibly imagine, and having the right products is a must. Without them, your hair will be completely out of control—or worse, really dry. The Oliga Calura Curl Balm was made for perfectly defined, frizz-free curls that look absolutely stunning.

So Much More!

From sculpting paste to recovery masques, Oligo offers a variety of products that support different hair types and different hair needs. You will find that if you have a need, Oligo is all too happy to help you meet it. More volume, more shape, more texture? It’s all easy with Oligo!


The Takeaway

At Simply Colour, I only provide the best for my clients. If I don’t believe in it, you won’t find it in my store. I’m positively thrilled to be able to share Oligo and the many amazing products that they offer for haircare. With these goodies, there is always a way to improve your hair’s health and make it look absolutely amazing. Book your next appointment with Simply Colour hair salon to get Oligo colors you just can’t live without!

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