Meet Dean

Dean Downing

Lived-In Dimensional Hair Colour Specialist

I became a colorist and stylist after attending college and doing what my parents and everyone else thought I should do because "boys don't do hair," or at least that's what they thought. Don't get me wrong, I know why they said this, and it was out of love, and let's be honest, I didn't know any guys at the time that did hair in the midwest.

Yes, you read that right—the midwest. I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised there and in Iowa on a 40-acre farm. And yes, we did it all. We had cows, ducks, chickens, rabbits, hogs, a vast garden, and we baled alfalfa. So hair was the furthest thing from reality to me, but I still cut my hair, my grandpa's hair. Somehow, I made it through high school in the midwest with every color of hair imaginable without dying.

I came to Florida in 2004 on vacation, during a hurricane no less, and decided to tour Paul Mitchell the School here in Tampa. After experiencing my first hurricane and wondering what the big deal was after growing up with tornados that fall from the sky with no warning, I told my friend to look for a more significant place.
I said I was going home to quit my job and move down here to go to hair school. I would be back in 6 months. It was just a thought but also a huge dream of mine. After graduating from school, having been involved with every extracurricular club I could, and doing hair for fashion shows with the International Academy of Design and Technology, I got my first job assisting and doing hair. Soon after that, I was approached to be a TIGI education ambassador.

I did hair behind the chair and worked for various companies for the next 10+ years, teaching and traveling the states and Puerto Rico, where I worked on stage as a platform artist.

I loved teaching, but I realized that being behind the chair was my true calling and passion one on one with my clients. This is where I can have a genuine heartfelt connection with you. Where I can listen to you, let you know how important you are and that someone hears what you are saying. This is where I can make a difference in the health of your hair and your confidence in yourself. Our one-on-one time in my private studio is where I can teach you the proper techniques and care for your hair and give you the most value for your hair appointments.

So if you are ready to meet me and start on our hair journey together, click the button below to go to the new client page and see what service is exemplary for you. If you still have questions, you can use the form on the contact me page or schedule a consultation with the book now tab. I can't wait to meet you!